Monthly Update: August 2017

9:22 PM

Normally for everyone, December is the last month of the calendar year. For some company, their last fiscal month is September. And some maybe the other month. For my company, September is our last fiscal month. Next month onward will be a new fiscal year, everything reset to zero and start again. This will be our last month to hit our KPI that we had set for this year, and we have to "chiong" for the last month. Our personal performance for this year finally come to the end, and we have show our very best in this final month to wrap up this year!

Time pass so quickly in just an eye blink. We left 3+ months till 2018. What had you done? Had you done what you need to be done? How many ticks are there on bucket list? In last blog post, I realize that if I do not find things to do, I will have nothing to post, nothing to write, no memories created, no stories to tell, no value added etc. It maybe not important to note down or nobody would see this, but who knows, maybe you are interested to know about my content below?

Cafe hopping There's so much cafes in this little Penang island. Seriously, I can't visit all of them , they are too much on the list! Food and beverages industries are so competitive in this small Penang island. You will definitely see new cafes popping up every months thru all kind of social media. So this time, I visited Sugar On Top (S.O.T.) which located at Chimes Heritage. I have seen them thru different social media for quite sometime and finally pay it a visit with my sister.

Small cafe with nice environment.

Their significant dessert - Matcha Lava Cake, taste good with matcha icecream!
The dragon fruit smoothies taste average. Price is on the high side, but worth trying!

Who's eye view?!

Went for some shopping before had our dinner settled at S.Wine @ Queensbay.
We ordered Aglio Olio and Pork Belly. Food was just average but price is on the high side.
I tried once before in Publika @ Klang Valley, I still remember the taste are way much better!
Is there really a different quality between branches?! Hmm...

Healthy Fruits Smoothies So into making this fruits smoothies these days. It was so so so easy to prepare! Just put whatever fruits you like into the blender and blend it, and voila! I find it more delicious by adding Kellogg's oats together with the smoothies. You can drink and also have some crunchy snack. This will make you feeling full too! If you want more creamy texture, you can add more banana / less water or less yogurt. Vice versa if you like to have a liquid texture.

Blueberries smoothies drink with Kellogg's oat.

The green brunch - Yogurt + Kellogg's oat + Kiwi.
If you still feel hungry, add one green apple!

Blueberries smoothies bowl with fruits and Kellogg's oats!

Dragon fruit smoothies bowl with fruits and oats!

I think the hardest part for me is need to find fresh fruits ingredients. For normal shift worker like me, we can buy fruits at groceries or hypermarket in the shopping mall after work as we don't have time to go morning market. Besides, the prices are not cheap for all these fresh fruits. Ideally I would like to have one meal like this everyday. To a more healthy diet and healthy lifestyle!! If you have an ideas to create a different / interesting smoothies, please share it to me! I would love to have the recipe and create it. You can comment down below I would love to read it!

That's the end of this blogpost. Thank you for reading till the end! Comment down below if you like my blogpost or give me a thumb up okay?!

Oh ya, my first ever vlog is up on my Youtube channel. My ordinary life... click below to watch! So, if you're lazy to read then now you can watch! Planning to do a series of vlogs, but still I am not used to talk to camera. Need more practice. Show me some support by watching / comment down below / thumbs up / sharing or subscribe! This will keep me motivating. If you did, thank you so much! Love you all :)

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