Monthly Update: June 2017

10:07 PM

I am late again... After 2 months, here some stories update for the month of June!
My June was pretty interesting I would say, compare to now (August)... I had more events to attend in weekend, so it was a very happening month for me. If you know me, I am actually an introvert. I seldom ask people to hang out, I would prefer stay at home and chill. Yeah, totally not sociable and not steady. I am not good at making friends.

Anyway, back to this blogpost.. In the very beginning of the month, I have been invited to attend one of my friend, Snow's (雪儿 Xue Er) wedding! I am so grateful to witness her wedding. The event theme is snow, so everything - decoration, performance, photo booth, music..everything related to snow and even it's snowing! 还真的是有下雪的! So unreal and magical! I wish her all the best and live happily with her soulmate ever after!

The places is beautifully decorated! Everything is white and snow.

Finally, the Prince and Princess live happily ever after!

With my gorgeous ladies - Caryne, Cavy and Christy!
I am the shortest obviously.

Ice Smoothies is the last dishes served!
It's so different from all the traditional wedding!
I give it 5 out of 5 stars for creativity!

What you will plan to do in this 48 hours weekend??
Here's what you can do! We headed to Genting Highland for 1 night! Yesh, way up from Penang to Genting, and back to Penang before Sunday ended. Heard so much of the newly build Sky Avenue, and we need to go and see ourselves.

Actually my parents and their friends were going to concert, so we just beg them to tag us along! Thanks to my parents, they have their friends which I already knew all uncles aunties since young. So it was really a fun time hang out with all of them, of course their child as well!

We woke up early on Saturday morning, and headed to Ipoh for some dimsum breakfast. Got one Ipoh's saman because we didn't have Ipoh's parking coupon, but that didn't stop us! We headed to KL for some Beggar's Chicken as lunch. And after that we headed straight up to Genting Highland!


All people's favorite spot for pictures!

This churros is so good! But a bit pricey though...

A pig stole the bird's cage lol.

Burger & Lobster is a must! Queue 2 hours just for this!
Personally think the lobster is really fresh. Pricey but worth it!

Just me and the Big Boy - 2kg lobster!

What can you relate to June?! It's father's day peeps!
Time to treat your dad some good food?! Here me and my sister found one new restaurant, 一品鲜 in Tambun, Bukit Mertajam. It serves different kind of seafood in one big plate! It's quite same with the one you can find in KL... anyhow it's our first time visit here!

Happy Father's Day, daddy!
Personally think that price is average, food is above average!
You can come to try by searching 一品鲜 using Waze!

That's conclude my whole month of June!
My life is basically about food I would say, agree?! Will try to schedule another time update blogpost for July, before August end. Haha!

Thank you so much for reading! Remember to come back for more update, thank you :) Love you all!

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